"It's added 3 or 4 years to my HR Director's life"

Information is now just a few clicks away.

With over 22 survey sources incorporated into his salary ranges, J.R. appreciates how easily and confidently he can run reports and generate labor budgets.

"I was very surprised with how easy the process is for us now." First Federal Bank of KC has saved hundreds of hours in both salary administration and performance management processes. But data is just data unless it's actionable. Fortunately, with BalancedComp and BalancedResults in place, managers at every level can use the informaiton to attract, motivate, and retain top performers.

Our managers are going to be able to focus on investing in our staff, instead of simply evaluating them.

The software, processes, and reports allow J.R. and his staff to get back to their business of banking and investing in the staff, rather than spending time filling out forms.

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JR Buckner

CEO & President

With more than twenty years of executive banking experience, J.R. currently serves as CEO of First Federal Bank of Kansas City, a mutually owned community bank.

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Kristen Spear

VP of Human Resources Facilities

"BalancedComp makes me a better decision maker"

Jeri Hansen

SVP of Human Resources

"I'm just happy to be a client!"

I don't have time to make updates in two separate systems.

After installation, I felt like I was on my own. I shouldn't have to wait 2 weeks for support.

No one developed buy-in with my Board and supervisors. The project never gained traction.

I don't know who the developers were, but they weren't listening to my ideas.

Reports you can act on

No analysis required; Boardroom ready reports in just a few clicks


Budgeting from every angle

Quickly examine multiple scenarios and dial in your labor costs