"A partner - not just software"

Capitol Federal Savings Bank needed a reliable tool.

Four years ago, they selected BalancedComp. Jeri felt she "needed a coordinated effort, and BalancedComp turned out to be all of those things."

Capitol Federal was looking for a partner, not just software. In a continuously evolving organization, she has appreciated being able to count on the friendly experts at BalancedComp.

With all of the changes taking place in the banking industry, the positions are changing almost daily, it feels like.

Jeri certainly values the software's speed and efficiency when it comes to updating her job descriptions. But more than anything, she takes great comfort in having experts at her disposal to validate that evolving positions are still in line with the market.

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Jeri Hansen

SVP of Human Resources

Since 1992, Jeri has been leading the Human Resources department at Capitol Federal Savings Bank from their headquarters in Topeka, Kansas.

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J.R. Buckner

CEO and President

"It's added 3 or 4 years to my HR Director's life."

Kristen Spear

VP of Human Resources Facilities

"BalancedComp makes me a better decision maker"

I don't have time to make updates in two separate systems.

After installation, I felt like I was on my own. I shouldn't have to wait 2 weeks for support.

No one developed buy-in with my Board and supervisors. The project never gained traction.

I don't know who the developers were, but they weren't listening to my ideas.

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