"BalancedComp makes me a better decision maker."

The difference is clear for Kristen.

From the responsive, proactive relationship she has with her consultant, to working with an immediately available and knowledgeable staff, she feels supported and empowered by each call, email, and support request.

Kristen said that one of the best surprises has been the proactive nature of BalancedComp's approach to compensation consulting. At the same time, she never feels like the experts at BalancedComp shoehorn her into predetermined solutions. Each time Kristen calls, she gets the answers she's looking for, while the ultimate choice is left to Kristen.

They really leave the ball in my court to make the decision, but I feel like I’m a better decision maker because of the knowledge that they provide.

Being held accountable for those decisions isn't something taken lightly. Fortunately, she always feels comfortable explaining her rationale and process with the assistance of BalancedComp's beautiful, customizable reports. Instead of devoting significant time to compiling data and synthesizing it into clear reports, MidAmerican’s HR team can entrust that responsibility to the BalancedComp software.

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Kristen Spear

Vice President of Human Resources & Facilities

Kristen has worked at MidAmerican since 2007, where she created the HR department. During that time she helped facilitate significant company growth, expanding MidAmerican from 48 to 103 employees.

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Jeri Hansen

SVP of Human Resources

"I'm just happy to be a client!"

J.R. Buckner

CEO and President

"It's added 3 or 4 years to my HR Director's life."

I don't have time to make updates in two separate systems.

After installation, I felt like I was on my own. I shouldn't have to wait 2 weeks for support.

No one developed buy-in with my Board and supervisors. The project never gained traction.

I don't know who the developers were, but they weren't listening to my ideas.

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No analysis required; Boardroom ready reports in just a few clicks


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Quickly examine multiple scenarios and dial in your labor costs